The AOS & SCO-SOC 2021 Virtual Meeting could not happen without the help of so many people. The Volunteer Coordinators match our meeting volunteers with countless opportunities to participate!

Erin Morrison | Co-chair

Clinical Assistant Professor, New York University Liberal Studies
Pronouns: she/her/hers

erin morrison

Erin is a clinical assistant professor of Liberal Studies at New York University. She studies how trait architecture contributes to patterns of diversification, with a focus on the role that metabolic network structure plays in the diversification of carotenoid compounds in birds.

Karen Lau | Co-chair

Junior Investigator, Punta San Juan Program


Karen is a junior investigator for the Punta San Juan Program. She studies how oceanographic changes may alter the growth rate of Humboldt penguins, collaborating on current investigations to determine possible interactions of the fish industry in the foraging areas of this species.