Jennifer Houtz

Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Jennifer is a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University. She is one of the co-chairs of the AOS Student Affairs Committee. Her research focuses on how gut microbiota and hormones impact stress responsiveness and fitness in tree swallows.

Ellen Jamieson

Teacher Candidate, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


Ellen is a teacher candidate with a passion for birds and all things biology. Her love of field work led her to pursue an MSc at Trent University in the Environmental and Life Sciences program where she studied shorebird ecology. Throughout her life, Ellen has been drawn to educating and engaging others in the wonders of the natural world. She hopes to continue to find beauty in both science and the arts and to share these passions with high school students in the future.

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