Enter our Birding Competition sponsored by eBird & facilitated by Birdability

This “competition” is open to everybody, and to join you just need to get out birding during the conference (9–13 August 2021). Participants may enter either or both drawings for a chance to win merchandise from the conference and eBird! To participate, do one or both of the following by noon EDT on 13 August:

  • Submit three (or more) qualifying eBird checklists. For an additional entry, also submit one Birdability Site Review to the Birdability Map. 


  • Tweet about inclusion, equity and access in birding and the outdoors using “@Birdability at #2021AOS_SCO”

The drawing will happen just prior to the closing event, so make sure that your checklists, site reviews, or Tweets are submitted by noon EDT on 13 August.  

Submit three or more checklists to be entered once into the drawing; those who also submit a Birdability Site Review will receive an additional entry. 

Those who Tweet about their birding experience will be entered into a separate drawing. No need to be present to win, but you will want to be at the closing event because it will be a lot of fun! Check out the rules of the competition below before you start.

To enter the eBird and Birdability Map drawing: 

  1. If you don’t already have an eBird account, go to eBird and sign up. You might also want to go to the appropriate store for your phone/device and download the eBird app so that you can enter your list in the field as you bird.
  2. During the conference go out birding at least three times. Submit a complete eBird checklist for each time out. Report all species you could identify by sight or sound and include counts for each species. For a checklist to qualify, it must be complete, and must have counts for all species (no X’s). And feel free to add media to your checklists!
  3. IMPORTANT: Each list needs to be shared with user “AOS-SCO” as well as anybody else in your birding party (this is how we keep track of the lists submitted for this competition).
  4. Everybody who has their name on three or more submitted checklists will be entered into the drawing for the final prizes – merchandise from the conference and eBird!

Contribute to the Birdability Map for an additional entry:

You can increase your odds of winning by also submitting one Birdability Site Review (i.e., for one of the sites where you went birding) to the Birdability Map before Friday, 13 August, as long as it is a reasonably accessible birding location. 

  • To learn more about how to do this, visit Contribute to the Birdability Map on the Birdability website.
  • Before you click “Submit”, add AOS_SOC2021 into the Event code box at the end of the Site Review. It isn’t possible to edit a submitted Site Review, so don’t forget to do this step. 
  • Once you have clicked “Submit” for your Birdability Site Review, return to the Birdability Map and refresh your browser; it will update immediately to show your submitted Birdability Site Review. 
  • Zoom in to your birding location, click the yellow diamond, then click “Share this location”. This will open a new window. 
  • Copy and paste the url into the checklist comments section on the appropriate eBird checklist. 
  • (If you submitted your eBird checklist before submitting the Birdability Site Review, you can go back and edit that eBird checklist to add the link to your Birdability Site Review.)
  • To see all the site reviews contributed during the virtual meeting, check out this event-specific map!

How to enter the Twitter drawing:

  1. Share your birding experience on Twitter including the phrase “@Birdability at #2021AOS_SCO”. Your Tweet must include a reflection/comment/observation on inclusion, equity and access in birding and the outdoors. Below are some ideas to inspire you:
    • Tweet a photo of a birding location you submitted to the Birdability Map. What made this location accessible/not accessible?
    •  What access considerations impact your ability to go birding?
    • Share something you learned about birding with an access challenge from the Birdability plenary, or observed during your bird outing. 
    • Share ideas to be a welcoming and inclusive birder.
  2. Share a link to your Tweet in the #birdability channel on the meeting Slack workspace: this is how we keep track of the lists submitted for this competition. Each Tweet counts as one entry. Threads count as a single entry. 

Enjoy your birding! Thank you also for contributing to the Birdability Map to help it become an even more helpful resource for birders and nature lovers with disabilities and other health concerns. To learn more about Birdability, access their free resources, and support their work, visit birdability.org.


Thanks to our generous sponsors for making this event possible.

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