We’ve pulled together various detailed guides and resources for our presenters and moderators to help prepare for this year’s meeting. If you’re seeking guidance that is not included below, please contact us at meeting[at]americanornithology.org.

We will add resources as they become available, so please bookmark this web page and check back frequently for updates!

Event Pilot 101

Learn how to navigate the meeting using our meeting platform, Event Pilot.

Presenter Guides & Resources

Detailed guides covering requirements and best practices for each presentation type.

Checklist for Oral Presentations

  • Prepare your talk following style and accessibility guidelines 
  • Practice your talk
  • Use Closed-Captioning through PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • Record your talk using Zoom (preferably)
  • Begin recording with 15 seconds of just title slide; then introduce yourself and your talk
  • Stay within time limit [Standard talk is max. 12 mins, 15 secs; lightning talks are 4 mins 15 secs]
  • Register for the conference in advance of uploading your talk (you must be registered to upload, with enough time for the system to be updated) 
  • Upload your talk before 4 August
  • Sign your AOS & SCO-SOC Presenter Agreement before uploading
  • Tweet something exciting about your talk using #2021AOS_SCO
  • Attend your session live Q&A and have fun!
  • Use the conference’s Slack workspace to continue the conversation

Checklist for Poster Presentations

  • Maximum 5 slides
  • First slide has title, authors, and a graphical abstract
  • Next 4 slides should be components of what would be in a traditional poster; think quadrants
  • Follow style and accessibility guidelines
  • Register for the conference in advance of uploading your talk (you must be registered to upload, with enough time for the system to be updated) 
  • Upload your poster before 4 August
  • Record an optional 3-min audio file [in EventPilot]
  • Tweet something exciting about your poster using #2021AOS_SCO
  • Join the conference’s Slack workspace
  • Attend your live poster session for Q&A via EventPilot chat or your personal Zoom room, and have fun!

Moderator Resources

Detailed guidelines for event moderators.

Additional Resources

  • AOS & SCO 2021 Slack Channel
    • If you haven’t used Slack before, here is a brief guide to how it works.
    • At the meeting, here are some things that you can expect to do in the workspace:
      • Get meeting announcements and notifications (#a_announcements).
      • Get help navigating the virtual meeting (#a_techhelp).
      • Get news on the workshop that you want to attend (#m_workshops)
      • Join channels focused on things that interest you. Whether you want to post your fun run (#m-fun-run) times or catch up with your early professional colleagues (#m_early-professionals), we have forums set up for these conversations.
      • Have conversations with your friends and collaborators through chat and group audio/video calls.
      • See job postings for upcoming opportunities (#m_job-board).
      • If you are a volunteer or judge for the meeting, we have forums to help coordinate your activities during the meeting.
      • Or build a forum for a topic that interests you. You can make the conversation public or private, depending on your goals.
    • Please stop by and introduce yourself to the whole community in the #a_general channel. Hopefully, this helps us have some of the conversations we would usually have at an in-person meeting.
  • Access EventPilot and plan your meeting experience!
    • Once your conference registration has been processed, you will be able to login to EventPilot using the email address you used to register for the conference as your username and your last name as your password. In EventPilot, you can start selecting the paper sessions, plenaries and networking events that you wish to attend. The General Schedule and the schedule at glance can be accessed here. There are two ways to access EventPilot. First, you can access the conference via your browser (Chrome strongly recommended) here. Alternatively, you can access the conference via your mobile device by downloading the “EventPilot Conference App” from your app store (iOSGoogle Play), and following downloading, entering “AOSSCO21” as the conference code. With the mobile app, you can also send messages to other meeting attendees.

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