Call for Abstracts for the AOS & BC 2022 Early Professionals Mini-Talk Symposium

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. ET

We invite you to submit an abstract for consideration as a presentation in the 7th Annual Early Professionals Mini-Talk Symposium at the joint conference of the American Ornithological Society (AOS) and BirdsCaribbean (BC), partnering with local hosts Para la Naturaleza and Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña. The conference is 27 June–2 July 2022. This symposium will highlight the exciting research performed by ornithologists in the beginning stages of their careers (i.e., have defended their Ph.D. in the past seven years, pursuing/initiating a research career, within the first five years of agency/private sector position, etc.).

During this lively and fast-paced event, participants will have 3 minutes, and a maximum of 6 slides, to showcase their recent research advances, the techniques they employ, the future directions their research will take, and their broader identity as ornithologists. At the conclusion of the talks, the participants will sit as a panel to take questions from the audience on their visions of where ornithology is headed, and how they see themselves contributing. The organizers will prepare some questions ahead of time, but will also take questions from the audience. This event will be live tweeted, therefore participants will be asked to submit a tweet (280 characters) summarizing their research program when they apply to participate in the symposium. Please note that participation in this symposium does NOT preclude you from also presenting a talk as part of the main scientific program; you may participate in both.


Nandadevi Cortes-Rodriguez, Jody Daniel, Devin de Zwaan, Dimaris Colon, Sean Mahoney


Participants have completed their terminal degree in the past seven years and are now pursuing a career in some sector of ornithology. Both non-academic and academic ornithologists are encouraged to participate. Please note that participation in this symposium does NOT preclude you from also submitting an abstract for the general session; you may participate in both. However, the abstracts and titles should be unique and follow the specific abstract guidelines for the symposium or general session.

Goal of the symposium

The goal is to introduce yourself to the audience, which will contain ornithologists inside and outside of your field, and get them excited about your research. You are encouraged to be broad, and present the “big picture”. This forum is meant for you to showcase you as a scientist and what your contributions are to the field (both present and future), and NOT the specifics of your most current paper. Your abstract should be a research summary and provide the overarching question guiding your research, main research themes and the tools you use to address your research questions, examples of projects you have worked on, and a discussion of your future directions. There are various ways to effectively approach this abstract and presentation; make it your own. The goal is to communicate who you are as a scientist – how you achieve that goal is up to you.

Send questions to the AOS & BC 2022 Early Professionals Committee Chair, Nandadevi Cortes-Rodriguez (via email to, with the subject Early Professionals Symposium.

Application Instructions

A complete application consists of the following two items:

(1) A single page that includes:

  • Your name, your institutional affiliation, your email address, your Twitter handle (if you use Twitter)
  • The names of three or four professional ornithologists with whom you would like to foster a mentoring relationship
  • 150-word abstract in English and a 280-character tweet summarizing your talk (also in English)
  • Spanish version of your abstract and 280-character tweet

(2) the applicant’s 2-page CV. 

These two items should be collated in a single PDF file.

Applications must be submitted through the online AOS Member Portal. You will need to create a free account on the Member Portal if you do not already have an existing one.

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