The American Ornithological Society & Society of Canadian Ornithologists–Société des ornithologistes du Canada 2023 (AOS & SCO–SOC 2023) conference heartily encourages participation in our meetings by all individuals. We welcome participants of all races, ethnicities, nations of origin, citizenship statuses, religions, ages, marital statuses, sexual orientations, gender identities and/or expressions, disabilities, and all other equity-denied groups. We acknowledge the role of systemic racism and prejudice in the historical and current oppression and erasure of Black, Indigenous, and other persons of color in particular, as well as other equity-denied communities. We are dedicated to providing a safe, accessible, open, respectful, and bias-free environment, and to increasing the representation and meaningful, mutually-valuable inclusion of racialized persons, minoritized groups, and their intersectional identities in meetings, membership, leadership, volunteers, and staff. To support a safer space for all participants, particularly those from equity-denied groups, all conference attendees are expected to uphold the AOS & SCO–SOC 2022 Meeting Code of Conduct and Social Media & Commenting Policy. We are dedicated to achieving equity for all and commit to anti-racism and anti-discrimination. We embrace diversity for its power to develop new ideas and to foster a productive environment through the introduction of different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. In representing the field of ornithology, our organizations strive to lead by example as role models for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Special thanks to our conference supporters